Friday, May 1, 2009

First Disciples

A.B. Bruce in "The Training of the Twelve" wrote of the first disciples regarding where they were just after they were called by Jesus:

The faith of these brethren was, therefore, just as we should expect in beginners. In substance it amounted to this, that they recognized in Jesus the Divine Prophet, King, Son of Old Testament prophecy; and its value lay not in its maturity, or accuracy, but in this, that however imperfect, it brought them into contact and close fellowhip with Him, in whose company they were to see greater things than when they first believed, one truth after another assuming its place in the firmament of their minds, like the stars appearing in the evening sky as daylight fades away.

I would have to say that is about where I am in my discipleship journey...I know who Jesus is and I know what He did for me in accomplishing victory over sin and my salvation, but I am learning what it means to be in close contact with Him. I'm looking forward to learning "one truth after another".

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